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Aladdin Light Lift, Inc.

Aladdin Light Lift 1000 Pound Capacity #ALL-1000

Regular price $ 2,069.10 Sale price $ 3,399.00

This Aladdin Light Lift makes it easier to care for your chandelier weighing up to 1000 pounds. High ceilings make it difficult to care for your chandelier, and climbing a ladder while trying to carry light bulbs and cleaning supplies is dangerous. The motorized light lift system allows you to safely lower or raise your chandelier with an easy to use touch pad controller switch.

The included SmartLift Controller switch operates your light lift with a programmable touch pad, which can automatically stop lowering your chandelier to any desired height above the floor. It also automatically shuts off once your chandelier has been raised back up to the ceiling. By removing the key, the controller switch becomes child resistant and prevents accidental activation.

  • 1000lbs maximum capacity
  • SmartLift Controller (programmable keyswitch)
  • 35’ winch cable
  • 2200 watt light wattage capacity
  • 110 volt
  • Mounts directly above fixture (at least 3’ vertical access space recommended)
  • 18” wide x 27.5” long x 9” high (mounted on four 38” channel struts)
  • Plastic dust cover
  • Romex wire
  • 50’ Controller wire
  • UL Listed
  • Free shipping

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